Bulk Mail Service

Priority SMS is a Bulk Mail Service Provider in India. Bulk/Mass Mail is a large volume email advertising solution that empowers organizations to segment and target customers with scheduled and personalized emails and then track & analyze complete delivery reports to summaries the result of advertised campaign.                         price/buy

Excellent setup of Dedicated Servers and established relationships with major internet services providers with data centers to ensures maximum delivery ratios into INBOX without getting marked as SPAM by Yahoo, Gmail & others mail service providers.

Bulk Mail is a service which can be used to send Thousands and Lacs of mails on a single click. Today all business house wanted to reach multiple customers so that their product and services can be presented in graphical format which a person can understand better, also if any feedback is expected from customer there should be some input fields which can be filled and stored. This is possible only using Bulk Mail or Mass Mail solutions.

Key Benefits

• Build contacts easily via CSV file / subscription link on website.
• Create outstanding emails using html templates and HTML mailers
• Schedule and personalize emails with contacts data.
• Segment and target contacts with relevant communication.
• Track and analyze open / view, click & bounce reports.
• Auto cleaning of invalid and Bounced email contacts.
• Automated email marketing based on triggers and events.
• Real time graphical reports
• List can be downloaded who have opened the mailer

Best Practice to use Bulk Mail

  • Never use capital letters in Subject Line
  • Do not use Sale, Offer words in Subject Line
  • Do not use RED color in body text
  • Always try to use URLs where heavy data/images are required as lesser size mails increases the chances to get deliver in Inbox
  • Try to use sender mail domain other than your main domain and in reply to address can be your mail domain’s mail id.
  • Always try to filter email data before sending, incorrect mail IDs should be removed like some mail IDs have comma, colon, double dots, greater than sign etc.

Advertising agencies are using mass mailing services to promote the products of their customers, which is the best way of lead generation and brand recalling.

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