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Short Code Long Code (VMN) is called 2 Way SMS solution also and provided by the best Long Code Service Provider with Short Codes. URL forwarding is available in VMN and short code, so that any request coming on your number can directly be sent to you application or Database and development team can process it for further communication.

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Short Code

PULL SMS service are being used to receive sms and called as Short Code. It is a 5 Digit number with a keywords which receive the data. Data can be downloaded as reports from the panel or can be directly stored into the database using URL forwarding.
Auto response SMS service is free on Short Code Service using panel.

Majorly used by News Channels and TV Shows and large campaigns to do the POLL, QUIZ or to receive queries and data. This is called Premium Number hence the SMS charges would be applied to end user from Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 3.0 per SMS.

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Long Code – Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)

Long Code has two type of PULL SMS service:

  1. Shared Long Code is a 10 digit mobile number where you can receive SMS on a shared keyword. You have to pay for each keyword here. The keyword would be unique for you but the VMN can be shared with multiple customers. API and URL forwarding available.
  2. Dedicated Long Code. In this you can have multiple keywords to be created as per the requirement and can be manged by user wise also. The VMN would be used by you only as your own number till the date you are renew the service. API and URL forwarding available.

Common Features of Long Code (VMN):

  • The SMS charges to Long Code, would be applied to end user as per his plan of SMS, range may be from 0 Paisa to Rs. 1.0
  • Auto response can be set with extra cost by taking Transactional SMS API.

Where it can be used:

  • Mobile and Multi Recharge Companies
  • Educational institutes to know Results and other items
  • Banks and Financial institutions to do the transactions
  • Product Verification and activation
  • Data updation in databases of the companies
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Delivery status of different items and services
  • Customer Feedback
  • Media Ads where expecting huge responses

All the Bulk SMS services comes on TRAI guidelines and need to adhere all the rules of it.

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