State of the art Voice SMS Service Providers India providing you bulk voice blasts with essence of quality.

Looking to create an association with public on a large, go for voice sms from Voice SMS Service Providers India where your own recorded voice can be sent to promote any product to thousands of numbers at a time. Majorly used in Political and Election Campaigns, Education or announcements and Reminder calls etc.


It also called Voice SMS Blast services and awesome tool for large announcements in a recorded voice of a leader or a great personality to attract the public. Best use can be done in POLL or QUIZ.

It has been majorly used to send Greetings, Wishes to staff and customers to increase the relationship and bonding.

Voice SMS Features with TRAI Guidelines

• Delivery Base: successful call only be charged
• DND Delivery: No
• Service Availability: 10 AM to 9 PM
• Sender ID: No, Number displayed starting from 140XXXXXXX
• DND/Failure Refund: Yes
• All language supported
• 28 Second = 1 Credit
• 29 to 58 Second = 2 credits
• .MP3 supported
• Redial option available on failed nos
• Real Time Delivery reports
• Validity: One Year

Voice SMS Gateway is available in Transactional route also, majorly for Educational Institutions, Extra features as below:

• 24×7 Delivery
• Delivery on all numbers (DND and Non DND)

• A personal voice can be shared for close relation and maximum impact to a large crowed

• Single Click activity

• Automation using voice api

• Excellent for real time and urgent announcements or alerts

Voice SMS have an excellent use in user feedback process where a voice call be sent to end user and ask for his options out of 1, 2 or 3 or more, once he press the number it would be recorded and this report can be downloaded to generate the feedback results.

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