Voice SMS API services providers

Voice SMS API services by Priority SMS can be easily configured into any software or application to process Voice SMS Blasts. All the APIs are available to upload the recording, fetch the delivery reports, create number groups, Redial the campaign or scheduling using HTTP API.


Two services are available for Voice SMS Gateway i.e. Promotional Voice SMS and Transactional Voice SMS

Developer need to pass the script ID, number group to shoot the voice sms campaign to the Voice SMS API. Voice SMS API can be configured in any of the programming language available in the market.

These days it is being used to send OTP on voice sms gateway as a backup of Bulk Text SMS. Educational institutions are heavily using this service these days for informative voice alerts to Parents and Students. It create a very nice impact to a parent when they got a voice of Principal or Director where their child is studying.

Voice sms gets delivery to all India numbers it may be a mobile or land line phone.

Voice SMS for Elections Campaigns

Voice API is being used in the software made for political parties to maintain their data and making promotional campaigns. This helps parties to send automated campaigns to increase their reach to public of the specific area. There are tools which converts the text to voice and using API such recordings can be broadcasted.

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