Toll Free Number

Your customer can communicate with you without any cost using Toll Free Number which starting from 1800. It is accessible from all India and the cost is paid by the company to take this service. Toll free number length is 11 digits in total.

Two type of services are there for Toll Free where there are no charges applicable to end user even they call from Mobile or landline and the second type is Free from Mobile and paid from Land Line from all over India.

Mostly uses for Support Call Numbers and by Sales team during their promotional campaigns to increase the leads.

It also good to increase call traffic for your product or services as there is nothing to pay be end user and he can understand the product better. In the end you will be able generate good database of interested customers of your product.


Toll Free Services offered by Priority SMS comes with an excellent panel with analytics. SMS or email notifications can be set against each call received. Calls can be routed to another numbers also which is useful to connect multiple numbers if one is busy. Support is available 24×7.


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