IVR Stands for Interactive Voice Response.IVR solution also called as voice dialer or office receptionist. It can be used to receive calls OR for auto outbound calling also.

This is an EPABX on cloud for you hence you can configure all your call management online using IVR including recording of all calls, routing calls to different departments on their respected mobile numbers and can be used auto transferred to second number of the same department if a number is busy. It works round the clock and you can record the voice as per your requirement like dial 1 for sale, dial 2 for support and so on.


Awesome analytics for complete call traffic with MIS including graphs. A single landline, mobile or toll free number can be provided as a single number for your organization and as per your requirement back end lines can be increased or reduced as per the requirement and traffic month by month. Call screening also can be done to monitor how the team is handling the clients and can be used for training to new comers. Unwanted calls can be blocked online. Auto response SMS can also be integrated so that customer can be informed with the required content after the call completion.

It can be used for automated surveys also. Auto answers can be set. Multi language greetings can be set.

Who can use

  • Any corporate or business house
  • Promotional offers update
  • Reminders of renewal for policy expiry
  • Outbound IVR can be used reminding for due payments
  • Account expiry details can be sent
  • Payment acknowledgement
  • Payment due updates of Premiums
  • Portfolio and policy valuation

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