Promotional SMS

As a Promotional SMS service provider we offer services which can be used to send SMS to multiple numbers (Thousands or Lacs) on a single click and promote your brand by reaching prospective customers.


This is the best way to reach to end user instantly and get maximum response. Priority SMS panels works on Android, mobiles & Tabs.

Promotional SMS can be integrated with software also where regular promotional campaigns can be sent automatically to customers or non customer mobile numbers to generate the leads.

The best part of Promotional SMS is that you do not need to take care for DND numbers, once you hand over the complete number list to our messaging system, all the DND numbers would be removed automatically and no credit would be deducted for such numbers.

No one can complain against any company if messages has been sent other than Lottery, Gambling, Betting or Money multiply offers, also if it is not violating any anti spamming rules.

There are some TRAI rules would be followed as below:

  • SMS Delivery: 10 AM to 9 PM
  • DND Delivery: No, no charges of DND numbers
  • SenderID: No, Numeric SenderID as per DLT approved
  • Delivery Reports: No

Best Promotional SMS Service Provider where you can get quality delivery.


  • Customized SMS
  • Split SMS
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Group SMS
  • Text and Flash SMS
  • Multi Language Support (Unicode SMS)
  • 1 to 10 Lac SMS can be sent at a time
  • For 10 to 50 Lac SMS, split schedule option is available

Priority SMS can be reached any time for Bulk Marketing campaigns all India with the quality data delivery and the most important is data security which is our commitment.


Always follow all the TRAI rules for promotional sms services to get rid of unnecessary complaints and loose your sms credits. For more details you can visit

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