Best Missed Call Solutions Provider India

As a Missed Call Solutions Provider India provide service which is a tool to generate database or to get connected with your clients real time. End customer can place a missed call to number provided at zero cost and receive a call back immediately by your team with an auto response text SMS. An Outstanding service to create Optin Database. Missed call service can take thousands of calls in few minutes.


Our offer and commitment to handle more than 20 concurrent calls at a time which is the best in industry without any extra charges and the beauty of our product.

Missed Call Solutions can be used:

Missed call solutions can be used to do the following activities:

  • Voting in Elections
  • Media Advertisements to handle large call traffic
  • Real Estate
  • Database Generation
  • Optin database
  • Can be used as your contact number where you can call back to customer
  • Integration with software for user registration confirmation
  • Subscription services
  • Banks and Financial institutions to get updates or information
  • Educational institutions
  • Jyotish, Scores, Tips etc.

Today end user is not interested to give calls to companies and not interested to wait in queue on phone call hence Missed Call is a best tool to attract such customers where just after a missed call customer gets a call back and understand the complete offer from the company.

Banking industry is massively using this services now a days where end user can get the status of current account balance from his account, it is an excellent tools to save time and cost for both the parties.

It can be integrated with Transactional SMS services as customer has accepted to receive calls or text sms from the company which is legal as per TRAI guidelines. This is call OPTIN but this optin process need to be processed in every six months to continue sms or calling to the same customer.

TRAI guidelines needs to be adhered.

Give a missed call to  011-40051121 and see the quality of Missed call as well as Transactional SMS response time.

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