Email 2 SMS Gateway

Email to SMS is a service where one mail ID can be shared with the end user and any mail is coming on this mail ID it would be converted into the Text SMS and would be delivered to all the mobile numbers configured. It is an intense tool to improve the process of the business. It is called Email2SMS also.

It can be used where incoming mails need to be sent to multiple mobile numbers which may or may not have internet on their mobiles and this would be quickest way of communication. Email to SMS services can be used by any email client like Outlook, Live mail, Thunderbird or any of web mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, rediffmail etc.

It is an excellent tool for ticket management solution where critical and immediate support required and need to be communicated to one or many support team members.

Transactional services can be used to use Email to SMS services without any extra cost, just need to pay per SMS cost to avail this service.


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