Bulk SMS for Schools

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Bulk SMS is a lifeline in Schools and Educational Institutions these days. All schools are expecting Priority SMS services for their information delivery to Students, Parents and staff and almost on daily basis. Most of the schools are using SMS APIs also, which can be integrated with software of School management systems. These days home work is being sent on SMS to parent so that they can get idea what is going on in school with their kid. Voice SMS is being used these days where the parents are illiterate or the parents are in villages, even parents give the high priority to voice sms than text sms.

Where a school can use SMS services:

• Urgent Information or Emergency Announcements
• Attendance alerts
• Parent Teaching Meeting announcement
• Time Table
• Exams and Results
• Fee Reminder
• Home Work
• Bus/Vehicle breakdown
• Feedback of each student and performance
• School circulars and activities
• Library Book Reminders
• Diary Notes on SMS
• Recognition and Rewards for School and Students
• School Functions and Festivals
• School Results for exams and other competitions
• Wishes to Staff and Students
• Both ways SMS communication
• SMS in regional languages
• Promotional activities by schools
• And much more …

Different Services can be used by Schools:

Promotional SMS
Transactional SMS
Customized/Personalised SMS
Missed Call Services
Long Code and Short Code [2 ways SMS]
Voice SMS
Bulk Mail
Click to Call
Toll Free Number

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