What is Bulk SMS

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Bulk means quantity, if you want to send one sms to thousands or lacs of mobile numbers at a single time, you need to go for Bulk SMS service as it is not possible using a mobile handset.

Bulk SMS is a service which is being provided by Telecom operators (Eg. Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Tata etc) as SMS Gateway. A panel is provided to customer to send SMS in quantity where you can upload you full list of numbers, type the message & send within few seconds or minutes. Even it would be delivered to all the numbers within few minutes. There are multiple features being provided in this panel depending on service providers like Real time sms delivery report, sms scheduling, unicode sms (in multiple languages), flash sms, SMS API which can be integrated with your softwares to shoot sms on event based. Today, Bulk SMS is the cheapest way to reach multiple customers within few minutes to promote your product or can share the information/alerts of different services on different events.

Bulk SMS is going to be a lifeline for almost of all industry verticals in India in coming few years where each company is going to use/integrate sms services in their business to reduce the communication/infrastructure & man power cost.

In India bulk SMS is having two types as Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS. These two parts has been defined by TRAI, Govt. of India as below:

Promotional SMS:
SMS can be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM only. DND Delivery is not allowed, SenderID is not allowed.

Transactional SMS:
SMS Delivery is allowed for 24 Hrs. with DND Delivery also. SenderID also allowed of 6 alphabets but yes, some documentation is required like undertaking, customer evidence and template pre-approval is must.

Some more options are also available under Bulk SMS services i.e. International SMS, Voice SMS with Bulk SMS APIs etc.

– Bulk SMS Blog By Manoj Chandna – Priority SMS

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