What is Transactional SMS

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Transactional SMS is a type of Bulk SMS as per TRAI guidelines.

It is being used to send SMS to registered users only for any time of the day, means SMS get delivered to DND or non DND numbers with SenderID (6 Alphabet name of the company). SMS get delivered within few seconds in this service.

A customer need to sign undertaking to activate the Transactional SMS Service where it is written that he is responsible for all the numbers on which he is going to send SMS are his registered customers, if any DND complaint is there, he will arrange to provide customer registration evidence and in failure to produce the evidence there would be a fine of Rs. 25000.

Transactional SMS also called High Priority SMS also and mostly used in Stock and Commodity Market Tips, Airline/Train/Bus Ticket Bookings, Education, Banking Transactions etc. where instant sms delivery is must.

He has to provide one sample evidence also before approval of SenderID where company name & senderID should be matched. This document must have in Printed form or a website screen shot where:

  • Customer’s Company Name or logo is displayed
  • End User Name, Mobile Number, Address etc are shown

There is a prior template approval must to send SMS, without approval no Transactional sms can be sent. Multiple number of template can be approved.

Sample format of Template is:

Thanks Mr. [VARIABLE] for the payment of Rs. [VARIABLE]. ABC Company Ltd.

Transactional SMS service comes with a Panel and HTTP SMS API, using panel SMS can be sent directly by uploading the numbers or after creating groups. There would be a facility to send SMS in unicode (any language), it can be scheduled for later delivery. Customized SMS option is also there where each row can have multiple fields and multiple rows in a excel sheet or .csv file can be sent in a single instance.

Transactional SMS API can be used to ingrate the service to any application or software to shoot the SMS realtime.

Transactional OPTIN / OPTOUT SMS service:

In this service end user can share the list of mobile numbers, and one sms would be sent to all the numbers on behlaf of the customer that end user is going to send regular sms from the customer if they do not want to receive such sms they can get OPTOUT using provided long code/short code.

OPTIN / OptOut is an awesome feature for Educational institute to stop the misuse of Transactional SMS service.

– Transactional SMS Blog By Manoj Chandna – Priority SMS

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