School Bulk SMS

by sis321 November 21, 2017

School Bulk SMS School Bulk SMS is necessary part of life. For any School, Bulk SMS service is must to communicate with student, parent  and staff and efficient method to reach them in almost real time. Class wise groups can be created and sms can be sent to a section, class or whole school at a time just on a click. SMS APIs are there...

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Missed Call Service and Solution

by sis321 August 18, 2017

Missed Call Service and Solution Missed call service where you can have a number (Mobile, Landline or toll free) which would be accessible from all India to generate the Leads. It can be used on your all the promotional activities like Bulk SMS, Media Ads or Social Media to generate the leads. In this service there are no charges from customer end and auto response...

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how to send otp sms using php

by sis321 June 19, 2017

OTP is One Time Password. How to send OTP sms using php is the most common question today. Most of the web applications and mobile apps required to send OTP so that the user strong verification can be done and reduce the risk of unwanted data on the server. To use OTP service in any of the application it is required to have Transactional SMS...

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Discover The Differences Between Promotional And Transactional SMS Service

by sis321 June 9, 2017

SMS (short message services) has become the most fundamental form of text messages. SMS came into existence just after the inception of mobile phones and now considered as the spine of mobile communication. Today, SMS are not only confined to fulfilling personal needs but also it has turned into a commercial mode of conveying information to the customers. Marketers have been using this technique in...

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Why Choose Bulk SMS Service Provider for Promotional Purpose?

by sis321 May 22, 2017

Mobile messaging is becoming very vital in our day to day life. This technique is an impressive alternative for communication which made our world smaller. Today, Bulk SMS services are considered as the best way to promote services and products among targeted customers. Gone are the days when businesses used to completely depend on only a few promotional mediums such as billboards, pamphlets, etc. Even...

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What is Voice SMS

by sis321 May 19, 2017

Voice SMS Service Providers Voice SMS is an outstanding service where you can send your own voice to thousand numbers on a single click like Bulk Text SMS. A panel is being provided to create groups of numbers upload your recording in .mp3 format and schedule as per your required time frame. Voice SMS blast can be done on a mobile number or a Landline...

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What is Transactional SMS

by sis321 May 15, 2017

Transactional SMS is a type of Bulk SMS as per TRAI guidelines. It is being used to send SMS to registered users only for any time of the day, means SMS get delivered to DND or non DND numbers with SenderID (6 Alphabet name of the company). SMS get delivered within few seconds in this service. A customer need to sign undertaking to activate the...

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Bulk SMS for Schools

by sis321 May 2, 2017

Bulk SMS is a lifeline in Schools and Educational Institutions these days. All schools are expecting Priority SMS services for their information delivery to Students, Parents and staff and almost on daily basis. Most of the schools are using SMS APIs also, which can be integrated with software of School management systems. These days home work is being sent on SMS to parent so that...

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